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Can anyone tell me what was wrong with Dragon age 2? I played the hell out of it and loved it, I'm not being a bitch or saying that people were wrong about the game, I simply want to know why some hated it or found it disappointing.
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A pair of wary red eyes shifted back and forth before a medium sized red and white bipedal dragon emerged from the under growth. He sniffed the air, making sure he was alone; once he was sure he was alone, he relaxed and rolled his shoulders. He looked around at his little piece of paradise and smiled, only he knew about this place, it was technically in Decepticon territory but it merged with natural territory, it was no man’s land.

The Decepticon male sauntered over to a stream with its own little waterfall; he cupped his hands, letting the cool water pool there before bringing it to his lips. He gave a small sighing growl of pleasure after he finished.

Ah, my home away from home. He thought with a pleased grin on his face.

He sniffed again and nearly drooled when he caught the scent of prey, it was close too. He crouched and slowly stalked towards it. He caught a glimpse of it and grinned even more, it was an elk, his favorite prey. He licked his muzzle as he braced himself to pounce, he saw movement out of the corner of his eye and before he could react, a yellow and black blur slammed into him. The elk gave a startled bugle before bolting in the opposite direction as the two dragons tussled.

Knockout grunted as he landed on his back and glared up at the smirking face that belonged to the dragon straddling him.

“Sunstreaker, you dolt. I was hunting.” He growled, giving his arm a halfhearted smack.

“What?” Sunstreaker chuckled. “You said surprise you.”

“Not when I’m hunt-” His rant was cut off my a kiss from the other dragon, which he happily returned.

They had been meeting in secret ever since his “escape” from the Autobot holding caves, mainly because his guard had fallen asleep while on watch. And according Sunstreaker, the same dragon who freed him, Optimus had said that chasing him down was not worth the effort not with winter so close. However, they were to keep an close eye on the border just to make sure it did not happen again.

“Alright, new rule,” Sunstreaker panted a little as he broke the kiss. “No surprises when hunting.”

“Agreed.” Knockout replied with flushed cheeks.

Sunstreaker grinned as he traced a scar on Knockout’s hip, a memento from their last mating.

“Next time, don’t be so rough. I’m running out of excuses to tell the others back at camp.” Knockout told him.

The yellow dragon just chuckled. “Remember the first time we mated? I thought we were going to break our necks in the holding cave.”

“I told you it was small.”

“Yes. Yes, you did.” The other purred before giving his partner’s chest a tender lick.

Knockout shivered at the pleasurable sensation of Sunny’s tongue on his chest.

“I told Sideswipe about us.”

Knockout’s eyes almost popped out of his head. “Are you crazy? What if he tells someone?”

“He won’t tell, I promise. Besides, you’re his mate as well.”

Knockout gave him a confused look. “What do you mean?”

“We shared an egg. We’re true twins; kind of like Blitzwing, minus the three heads and only able to walk on four legs. Sideswipe is my mate and I’m his,” Sunny replied, giving Knockout’s chest another lick only slower then before. “And you are our mate.”

Knockout gave a soft moan and arched his back. “I like the sound of that.”

“So what do you say? Will you come back with me? Or do you need more convincing? Because that I can and love to do.”

All the red and white dragon could do was moan softly as Sunstreaker began to “convince” him. The soft moan became that of heightened pleasure as the yellow and black Autobot slipped inside him with a moan of his own. He could still remember how that met and it wasn’t under the best of circumstances, he sank his claws into the earth beneath him as the memory came flooding back.

X     X      X

Knockout knew better than to hunt so close to the Autobot dragon border, but he had been tracking that blasted elk for three days now and he knew the laws of his clan.

‘The clan must be fed. Come back with prey or you forfeit your share.’

It was a harsh rule, but one that kept the clan alive during the long and harsh winter months.

He paused, scented the air, and smirked when he caught the scent of his quarry. He also scented fresh water; the elk must have stopped at a watering hole to drink, and the possibility of catching it was now greater. Smirking, he crouched and felt his bones shift, allowing him to walk on all fours. All dragons could do this, safe for Blitzwing as he was born with three heads, his body compensated by only letting him walk on four legs, despite his short comings, Blitzwing was a formidable dragon, able to see in all directions, making sneaking up on him impossible.

Knockout made sure that he was down wind as he quietly stalked around until he was in the perfect position to strike, there was no way he was going to lose this elk not after he spent three days tracking the damned thing.

He paused mid step when the elk lifted its head and looked around and looked around, its ears searching for any threatening sounds. After a heartbeat or two, the elk returned to drinking.

That was close. But what had caused the elk to look around? He was certain that he hadn’t made a sound. He gave his head a little shake he had to stay focused.

It’s now or never. He told himself.

His claws dug into the soft earth before bolting forward, he took three strides and leaped onto the elk’s back before it knew what was even happening.

The elk gave a startled bray before bucking wildly around to try to dislodge its attacker.

Knockout growled as he sank his claws into the elk’s shoulders and his teeth into his neck before twisted his neck with a violent jerk, breaking it’s neck, killing it instantly. It dropped where it stood, blooding trickling out of its mouth for a heartbeat or two before stopping. He released the elk’s neck, licked the blood from his muzzle, and smirked as he climbed off the body.

Now he wouldn’t have to go back empty-pawed and allowed to eat, coming home from hunting with nothing to show for it would have just been embarrassing. And Knockout, for one, hated being embarrassed among the other Decepticons in the clan.

Rustling near by caught his attention and look up sharply. He prayed it wasn’t an Autobot dragon. He was far too close to the border for his liking as it was, if it was an Autobot; he didn’t want to stick around. He nervously sniffed the wind, but all he could smell was fresh blood from the elk.

His hackles rose when the rustling grew louder, that couldn’t be the wind! He couldn’t shift back to his bipedal form there was enough time! Thinking quickly, he grabbed the elk in his jaws and start dragging it away, when a leg snagged on an exposed root, he gave an annoyed growl. He knew he could simply leave the elk behind, not after tracking it for three days and he didn’t have the energy to fight became of it.

What should I do?

He didn’t want to leave the elk, but what ever was making that noise wasn’t going to give him much time to think. He glanced at the kill he made for his clan, then towards the approaching noise.

Before he could make a decision, three dragons jumped out and pinned him down, knocking all the air from his lungs. He dug his claws into the ground with a growl, but he knew he wouldn’t stand a chance against three Autobot dragons.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here? A Decepticon a little too far from home.” Said a voice before a bright yellow dragon stepped into his captive’s point of view.

It wasn’t Bumblebee; first off, Bumblebee couldn’t speak and didn’t have black scales on the either side of his head. And nor was Bumblebee as handsome.

Don’t think like that. He scolded himself.

“Nothing to say?” The yellow dragon mocked.

“Yes, I admit that that I was hunting close to the border, but I stayed on my side.” Knockout grunted.

“Actually, you were on your side, but you made your kill on our turf.” Another replied.

“Meaning, you are trespassing on our territory” The yellow male finished.

Knockout was at a loss for words, they were right… if it hadn’t been for the scent of blood, he would have known he was in Autobot territory.

“By rights, we could kill you here and now,” His captor continued. “But, it your lucky day. Instead of killing you, we’re taking you back to camp for questioning.”

Knockout gave a soft growl. “I have nothing that could prove useful to you.”

“I’ll be the judge of that.”

“What shall we do about the elk?” A third dragon asked.

“Bring it with us. No reason to let it simply rot.”

Knockout could only watch as a red and black dragon shift into it’s bipedal form and pick up the elk that he had killed.

“Get up, Con. But don’t try anything funny.” Commanded the yellow and black dragon.

“Tell who ever is holding me down to get off so I can.” Knockout growled.

The yellow dragon nodded to the one holding him down and the weight on his shoulders vanished.

Knockout slowly rose to his feet then gave himself a shake to get the dust off him. He knew could shift into his bipedal form, he doubted that they would give him the chance.

“Sideswipe, go on ahead with the elk, we’ll catch up.”

The one called Sideswipe nodded. “You got it.” He slung the elk carcass over his shoulder before taking off.

Knockout and his two captors remained in their four-legged forms as they escorted him to their camp. They walked for at least a mile before a large green and gray dragon greeted them, he was in the same form they were, and even in that form he still towered over them.

“I had to see it for myself. I didn’t believe Sideswipe when he told me that you had captured a Decepticon.”

“Hey, Bulkhead,” The yellow dragon greeted with a pleased smirk. “Yep, we caught ourselves a Decepticon.”

Bulkhead glanced at the captive before turning his attention back to Sunstreaker. “What do you plan on doing with him?”

“Take him down to the holding caves and question him.”

“Shouldn’t you inform Optimus about our… guest?”

“You do that, I’m taking him into the caves.”

Bulkhead looked at him uncertainly for a moment before stepping side to let them pass and enter the camp.

Knockout’s heart raced as they approached the cave’s entrance, once inside he would be trapped. In his panic, he let loose a pillar of flame then bolted when his two captors gave cries of shocked surprise.

“Get back here!” Sunstreaker growled before chasing after him.

“Sunstreaker, don’t!” His companion yelled.

Knockout could almost taste freedom and put on a burst of speed as he caught sight of the entrance or in his case exit to the camp.

What can only be described as a scaled wall came out of nowhere and slammed into Knockout, knocked him off his paws and sent him flying half across camp.

“Gotcha!” Sunstreaker shouted, pinning Knockout before he could get up.

“Let me go!” Knockout snarled.

“What is going on here?” A deep voice boomed.

“We have ourselves a prisoner. Thanks for stopping him, Omega.”

The massive tri-colored dragon gave a small nod, he just grateful that he simply used his tail to knock the fleeing dragon off course. Had he used his own paws, the captive might not have survived the blow.

Sunstreaker nosed Knockout to make sure there were not any broken bones.

Knockout reacted by swatting his muzzle with a growl and made the mistake of shifting into a biped on the fly. Forcing a change on short notice was never a good thing, one risked breaking something or ending up paralyzed.

“Ugh! Ok, that was stupid,” Knockout hissed, digging his claws into the dirt when the shift was complete. “Where’s the mountain that hit me?”

“That Mountain is called Omega Supreme, try to run off again, he’ll step on you.”

That was a lie, despite his massive size; Omega was a gentle giant… as long as you didn’t provoke him.

Knockout tried not to show his terror, it was proving difficult with said massive dragon standing only a few feet away.

Sunny gave a soft grunt as he shifted into his bipedal form. “Now, get on your feet and behave.”

Knockout growled again and slowly rose to his feet, he felt something pop into place and he let out a soft sigh of relief. He bared his teeth in a silent growl as the yellow dragon took hold of his arm and escorted him back toward the cave. He faltered for half a second before reluctantly entering the cave.

X   X   X

They walked in silence for a while before entering a large chamber but Sunstreaker continued walking until they reached a rounded opening where a large boulder stood beside, a large metal door was off to the side.

“What’s with the door?” Knockout asked,

“We tried to use it to keep captives it, but it wouldn’t fit in the rounded opening so now we use the boulder,” Sunstreaker replied before pushing him inside. “Welcome to your new home, Con.”

Knockout stumbled a little before straightening up and having a good look around, his heart dropped when he noticed just how confined it was. He turned to look at Sunstreaker, his eyes wide with possible fear.

“You can’t be serious! We would never do this to an Autobot!”

“Oh, relax. There’s air flow we’ll bring you food and water.” Sunny replied as he readied himself to push the boulder into place.

“That’s great and all, but still!”

“What’s wrong, you claustrophobic?” There was a mocking tone in the Autobot’s voice.

“Yes!” Knockout all but screeched. “You try being shoved into small caves as a cub and not fear it later on!”

Sunny blinked at the outburst and tilted his head a little. “What you mean?”

“What do you mean ‘what do I mean’? You never had older siblings pick on you growing up?”

“I’ve had fish guts dumped on me, but I was never shoved into small caves.” Sunny replied.

“Gross,” Knockout’s expression was pure fear and desperation. “Please, don’t leave me in here.”

Despite his best efforts, Sunny couldn’t help but feel sorry for the red and white dragon.

“Please, you have to let me go. I was only hunting for me clan, surely you can understand that.”

“Hunting for your clan, in Autobot territory.” Sunstreaker pointed out.

“It wasn’t intentional!”

The Autobot rubbed his ear at the high-pitched shriek. “Rules are rules.”

Knockout stammered as he tried to think of something to say, anything to keep the Autobot from shutting him in.

Sunny gave a sigh of annoyance. “Fine. I’ll leave it open. Will that make you feel better?”

Knockout nodded silently, not quite trusting himself to speak.

Seeing that the Decepticon was somewhat calm, he leaned against the boulder and crossed his arms, this was going to be a long first watch.

X  X  X

“Sunstreaker! What are you doing?”

Both dragons jumped as a large blue, gray, and orange bipedal dragon entered the large chamber.

“S-Sentinel, I can-” Sunny started.

Sentinel ignored him and within moments, he towered over the yellow dragon. “You know the rules when we have a captive, close off the hole. Now.”

Knockout’s eyes widened with horror, they-they couldn’t shut him inside this small space. Decepticons wouldn’t shut captives in small cramped caves like this!

“Sentinel, he’s claustrophobic. I can’t just close the hole on him.” Sunny exclaimed.

“I don’t care if he’s afraid of heights, rules are rules. Close the hole.”

“C’mon, Sentinel. Optimus wouldn’t do this.”

“He’s out hunting and put me in charge because Magnus and Ironhide are busy tending to their mates. Whine to him when he gets back. Now, close the damn hole.”

Sunny looked at Knockout and could see that he was truly terrified, he had never seen anyone so scared and it surprised him to know that he actually cared.

“You’re useless, move. I’ll do it.” Sentinel growled before stepping forward and pushing Sunny aside.

Knockout rushed forward only to have Sentinel push him back. “Don’t do this, please!”

Sentinel ignored his pleas as he rolled the boulder over the hole; it muffled Knockout’s pleas for mercy, which Sentinel simply ignored as he turned back to a dumbstruck Sunstreaker.

“They’re Cons; you can’t feel sorry for them. They would do the same to you.” Sentinel told him before leaving.

All Sunny could do was stare at Sentinel’s retreating back, he couldn’t believe what had just happened, not even Ironhide was that cruel and Optimus would show some compassion to some one as terrified as Knockout.  Sentinel believed he could get away with anything because Ultra Magnus and Optimus were his older brothers.

Well, that’s going to change. Sunstreaker thought with a growl.

X  X  X

Knockout couldn’t believe this was happening, he looked around, his eyes wide with fear, because there was little light he couldn’t see the other wall, his mind became his worst enemy. Making him believe that the walls were closing in on him, that they were going to leave him here to die!

No, that’s not true. They’re Autobots, they wouldn’t do that!

Why did he pursue the elk for so long, why didn’t he simply give up, go back to camp, and forfeit his share? He could live with a little embarrassment, only it hadn’t been the first time he had come back without prey and been mocked because of it. They whispered behind his back, picked on him and his brothers only made things worse by using his fear of in closed spaces to get what they wanted, no one appreciated him.

That’s not true, they do appreciate me. I’m their healer.

He continued to question himself for what felt like days before he tried himself out and sleep brought some relief and peace for his frizzled mind. Little did he know that a certain yellow dragon was going to defend him in a few hours.

X  X  X

That was when everything changed, Knockout was given some freedom during the day and because of his fear, Optimus had declared that there would be two guards to watch him during the night instead of shutting him in with the boulder. Neither Magnus nor Optimus were pleased with how Sentinel handled things in their absence and sentenced to watch Knockout during the day under supervision. Sunstreaker always seemed to volunteer for that, saying that he never get another chance to boss Sentinel around.

Because of that gesture of kindness from the normally vain and hot-tempered male, Knockout found himself falling for Sunstreaker and he soon learned that Sunny felt the same way about him.

They even mated in secret one night and nearly broke their necks in the confined space of the cave. In total, Knockout was their captive for a week and a half before Sunny helped him escape, it was rather simple as Sentinel was the only one standing guard that night and fell asleep while one duty.

During the escape, Knockout had told him about piece of paradise and asked him to meet their once a week to avoid suspicion for either side.

Once back at the Decepticon camp, the mockery had only gotten worse, not only had he not come back with prey but he had also been captured by three of the most pathetic of the Autobot dragons.

As much as he wanted to defend Sunstreaker, Knockout had to keep his mouth shut, he even surprised himself and his brothers when they once again tried to shove him into the small cave just outside camp. He had fought back and given got in a good hit to the eldest, they left him alone after that and things were relatively peaceful after that. Even better, he always looked forward to seeing Sunstreaker at his little patch of paradise...

X  X  X

Knockout roared to heavens as his climax hit him hard and sank his claws into Sunstreaker’s hips, drawing blood, his mate wasn't far behind him. Sunstreaker through his head back and let loose a pillar of flame, thankfully the dampness of the oasis prevented the foliage from catch on fire.

Unable to stay up right any longer, Sunny slumped forward onto Knockout who chuckled and wrapped his wings around him, holding him close. "Have-have I convinced you, yet?"

Knockout chuckled again and nuzzled him, giving him a soft growling purr. "Yes, you have. I'll go back with you. There's nothing for me back with the Decepticons."

Sunstreaker beamed happily and kissed him. They made love one more time before heading back, their tails intertwined.
Dragonformers: Secret Meetings
A little something for Cybertronians secret santa 2014 gift exchange thing. I am unable to say who this is for so don't ask.

Transformers (c) Hasbro

Everything else (c) :iconfunkymonkey19:
Nothing to serious, the story line itself will remain the same with a few tweaks. I'll be changing a few warrior names but only those who were warriors in the allegiances, I might even add a few more names to clans lacking warriors.


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5 to 10 :points: you get a llama. If I have given you a llama in the past, then I will comment and fave your art work.

10 to 15 :points: one of your OC's Autobot, Decepticon, or neutral gets to make a cameo appearance in my fanfic Dragonformers!

Or if you cannot spare the :points: you may submit a picture of your favorite scene from this fanfic or the Fanfics that I've written.

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