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The Nemesis – 3 days later…

Megatron listened and watched as the screen played the important parts of Wheeljack’s memories that Soundwave had recorded. Due to being busy, he had not been able to review Soundwave’s findings for three days and it did not matter that the info was 72 hours old it was still useful.

“Ah, Optimus is bonded,” The silver mech softly mused. “Something we can exploit.”

Soundwave stepped forward and said. “A three way bond actually, my lord. Although, the femme called Arcee appears to be the one Prime is most fond of.”

“After what the Predacons did to Wheeljack, I doubt it’s a three way bond any more.” Megatron replied with a derisive snort.

Soundwave felt a strange twinge in his spark then froze when the feed unexpectedly changed… the footage was now showing Soundwave’s memories…

Megatron raised an eyebrow at the sudden change he glanced at Soundwave and gestured to the screen. “And why exactly is this on here? That fight in the pits may be history now, but I know Wheeljack wasn’t present, I would have remembered.”

Soundwave lowered his head and cleared his throat, clearly uncomfortable. “I… underestimated him…”

“Go on.” Megatron’s tone was neutral.

“I… grew over confident and he took advantage.” Soundwave said, trying not to sound nervous.

“I do hope that this was the only memory Wheeljack was able to get from you.” Megatron said mildly.

“I-I have the list that you asked for.”

Scrap. Soundwave thought.

Megatron turned his ruby gaze on Soundwave, waiting for an answer.

Soundwave could not come up with an answer that would pacify Megatron… he-he had failed him.

“What else did he learn, Soundwave?” Megatron asked, correctly interpreting Soundwave’s silence.

Soundwave swallowed nervously before replying. “O-Only that you and I are lovers.”

“Anything else?”

“No, my lord.”

“Then there’s nothing to worry about.”

Soundwave relaxed, relieved that Megatron had not been furious with him for failing him.

Megatron chuckled softly. “Were you afraid that I would be angry?”

“I believed that you would, yes.” Soundwave admitted.

“Considering that this was the only mistake that you’ve ever made, I’m willing to overlook it.”

Soundwave’s shoulders sagged as he completely relaxed, although it did not like the bitter taste of failure.

Sensing Soundwave’s discomfort, Megatron turned off the screen and hologram vanished then pulled the lithe mech into his lap, he smiled a little when felt the mech stiffen a little in surprise. He purred softly and nuzzled the other’s neck.

“You know how much faith I have in you, Soundwave. You have never failed me and you never will.”

Soundwave purred in reply before reaching up and removing his visor and set it on the desk.

“You have such a beautiful face,” Megatron purred. “It’s a shame to keep it hidden all the time.”

Soundwave smiled before teasingly grinding against him. “I enjoy the effect it has on people while I wear it.”

Megatron groaned softly, wrapping his arms around Soundwave’s waist. “It certainly gives you an air of mystery.”

“That’s the idea.” The other mewled.

“Careful, if this escalates, we might break the chair.”

“The desk, then?”

Megatron purred in agreement then squeezed his aft, earning a small mewl.

Taking the hint, Soundwave stole a brief kiss before sliding off and leaned against the desk, beckoning Megatron closer.

Like a jungle cat, Megatron rose from his chair, prowled towards his lover, and pressed him against the desk before purring into his audio. “Your aft is mine.”

Soundwave purred in reply. “It always is and this-” He squeezed Megatron’s panel. “Is mine.”

Megatron groaned again before turning Soundwave around and pressed his broad chest into his lithe back before reaching around to grope and possibly remove a certain covering that hid a treasure behind it.

All that Soundwave heard was the clatter of armor before moaning with pleasure, his back arching as Megatron’s finger surged inside, setting delicious fire within his frame. Somehow, his lips found Megatron’s and soon their glossa dueled for dominance, he surrounded to the silver mech as another finger slipped inside him, increasing the pleasure and stretching him to his limits.

A soft buzzing barely registered through the thick fog of pleasure that clouded his mind, but an all too familiar growl broke through it, causing the building pleasure to come to a dead stop.

“What is it?” Megatron growled in clear annoyance.

-Lord Megatron, I apologize for disturbing you,- Shockwave replied. –But I need you and Soundwave to come to the med bay.-

“Can it wait; I’m busy at the moment.”

-I am afraid it cannot, my lord. It is quite urgent.-

Megatron gave another annoyed growl before speaking. “Very well, we’ll be there momentarily, Megatron out.”

Soundwave looked as peeved as Megatron, the last time some one foolishly interrupted them, ended up in the med bay and did not leave it for two weeks.

It took a moment for the pair to calm themselves, though Soundwave still looked irritated.

“This better be important.” Soundwave growled as he recovered his codpiece and his visor.

“Shockwave wouldn’t have disturbed us if it wasn’t.” Megatron replied before reaching up to trace a finger down the side of his mask.

The now silent mech shivered at the stroke.

“We’ll continue this later, my pet.”

X    X    X

“Alright, Shockwave, what is the problem?” Megatron asked as he and Soundwave entered the med bay.

“It’s about Nightstalker and Predaking, my lord.” Shockwave replied, his antenna flaring out a little.

Again? Soundwave thought with a mental growl.

“How much damage did they do this time?” Megatron growled, wondering why the pair couldn’t go off and be destructive elsewhere.

“None, my lord. However, it was something that Knockout pointed out about them.”

Megatron sighed and rubbed his face with a large hand. “As long as they’re not causing trouble or destroying Decepticon tech during their insane and pointless fights with each other, why should I care about their behavior?”

“Well… recently they’ve been going at it like earth rabbits, my lord.” Knockout pointed out.

Megatron looked at his medic and raised an eyebrow. “And this is concerning why?”

“Because it is only a matter of time before Nightstalker becomes impregnated with Predaking’s offspring.” Shockwave stated.

Megatron wanted to beat his head against the wall the solution was so simple! “So give them The Talk and a Birth Control disc.”

“I fear the damage has already been done, my lord. But I am not 100% certain.” Shockwave admitted.

“Become certain.” Megatron almost growled.

“And if she’s carrying, am I to snuff out the unborn spark like we did the clones?” Knockout asked, not liking the idea.

Megatron waved his hand dismissively. “One Predaking sparkling will not be a threat, just make sure she can’t have any more.”

“Actually,” Starscream said finally speaking. “One Sparkling can pose a threat. Predaking proved that by wanting to lead the clones as their leader.”

“What do you suggest, Starscream?” Megatron asked with distain. “Predaking is no fool, if Nightstalker is carrying and something was to happen to it, he’ll become suspicious.”

“There’s a strong possibility that they’re not even aware that she could be carrying, otherwise she could have come to see Knockout.” Shockwave added.

“They’ll find out soon enough. Either way, the situation is the same.”

“Not if she believes she’s getting a standard medical check up before she learns of its existence.”

“Starscream’s statement is logical, my lord. Should Nightstalker believe she is getting a simple medical exam and Knockout was to find something odd, she will not question him when he must put her into stasis.”

“Fine,” Megatron growled. “Knockout, get on it.”

X    X      X

Panting filled the room as Nightstalker slumped against Predaking’s chest, she smiled as his arms wrapped around her, keeping her close.

Predaking purred softly, enjoying the afterglow of their lovemaking, he purred even louder as he felt Nightstalker trace the emblem of his chest with a claw. He simply loved it when she did that.

Nightstalker smiled a little and closed her eyes for a moment before opening them a half second later as she let out a small annoyed sigh before sitting up to scratch her chest.

“Is something wrong?” Predaking asked, keeping his arms around her waist.

“That annoying itch is back,” She replied before letting a huff. “That’s what I get for rolling around in the dirt.”

“I agree, I don’t know why you did that, it didn’t look every comfortable.”

“I guess that’s what I get for listening to my animal side.” She grumbled.

“Well, I don’t know about that,” Predaking grinned. “I found it rather attractive.”

Nightstalker chuckled and lightly kissed him. “Says the mech I nearly drowned. Again”

Predaking shuddered at the memory; it was fresh in his mind. Even though Nightstalker had only been playing with him at the time, it was still unnerving.

“Don’t remind me.”

She chuckled again, her green eyes glinting with playful mischief. “Oh, is the big bad dragon afraid of a little bath?”

“Yes, this big bad dragon is very afraid of a little bath.”

She gave him a teasing grin. “It would appear that my lover isn’t a big bad dragon, but an over grown sparkling.”

“Well, I don’t think I can have you thinking that about me,” The dragon purred, one hand lightly squeezing her hip. “I’ll just have to change your mind.”

“Oh, please do.” She mewled.

He smirked pulling her down and claiming her lips in a searing kiss, he quickly rolled them over so he was on top again, he almost growled with desire as their glossa dueled each other.

He paused for a moment when he felt her stiffen beneath him; he broke the kiss to look at her. “Are you alright, I felt you stiffen.”

“It’s just a small twinge, nothing to worry about.” She breathed, nibbling on his bottom lip.

He gave a playful growl as he found one of her hot spots, the mewl that escaped her lips brought a pleased smirk to his face. He paused once more when he felt her stiffen. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“It’s just a twinge, nothing to worry about.” She mewled, nuzzling and kissing his neck.

He gently pushed her back down onto the berth; he knew stopping her was a bad idea, especially when she fired up like this, but he was worried that she might be getting sick.

“Perhaps you should see Knockout; I don’t want you to get sick. Not when it can be avoided.”

Nightstalker sighed in annoyance. “Fine.”

He smiled a little and lightly kissed her. “It’s only because I care about you.”

“Yeah, I know. But you don’t have to be such a sparkling about it,” There was a teasing glint in her eyes. “Want to get off me, big guy?”

He gave a rumbling chuckle before getting off, but not before stealing a quick kiss.

She rolled her eyes before sitting up and getting out of bed. She jumped a little and gave a little yelp of surprise as he gave her aft a little squeeze.

“H-Hey, down boy.” She chuckled, turning to look at him.

Predaking just smirked, a mischievous gleam in his yellow eyes. “Don’t keep me waiting.”

She gave him a mocking bow. “Yes, my king.”

“If I am King, then you’re my Queen.” He replied with a lustful purr.

Nightstalker snorted. “I’d rather be your Mistress then your Queen.”

“Either will work. Oh, and while you’re away, I’ll be thinking of more ways to ravage that tantalizing body of yours.”

“You’re insufferable.” She chuckled before reaching the door.

“And you’re intolerable, my beloved.” He smiled.

She paused before opening the door, a small smile on her lips as she left.

X    X    X

Nightstalker quietly hummed to herself as she reached the sliding door of the Med bay, only it did not open as she approached it. Where Knockout and Starscream mating in the med bay again, it would not be the first time this has happened. She heard voices but it was not anything that indicated to that of ravenous lovemaking.

“…matter of time before Nightstalker becomes impregnated with Predaking’s offspring.”</i>

Nightstalker blinked in surprise, they were talking about and Predaking… and the possibility of her getting pregnant.

Curious now, she crept closer thankful that the med bay door was locked.

“If she’s carrying, am I to snuff out the unborn spark like we did the clones?”</i>

Nightstalker’s eyes widened in shock, her spark racing. The Decepticons were responsible for the destruction of the Predacon Clones! Even it that was true… what role did the Autobots play in their near destruction.

Wheeljack’s words suddenly filled her mind. If you want to keep your lap secret, you cannot leave exposed energon out in the open.

The Autobots had been looking for energon when they came across the lab and the only way they could have found it was because of… Megatron. He had used the Autobot to do his dirty work!

Lost in thought, she had missed part of what Megatron was saying.

“…make sure she can’t have any more.”</i>

Nightstalker felt an undying urge to bolt and inform Predaking of what she had overheard. She did not move, wondering if that course of action was wise, wondering if he would even believe her. His hatred of the Autobot ran deep, almost to the point of obsession.

She shook her head, she would not tell him, not until she had all the information… from both sides.

Starscream’s annoying voice caught her attention. “One Sparkling can pose a threat. Predaking proved that by wanting to lead the clones as their leader.”</i>

Nightstalker’s hand flew up to her mouth and her spark gave another twinge, only this time it was more painful then annoying. She could not believe what she was hearing!
“What do you suggest, Starscream?”</i> She heard Megatron’s familiar growl. “Predaking is no fool, if Nightstalker is carrying and something was to happen to it, he’ll become suspicious.”

“There’s a strong possibility that they’re not even aware that she could be carrying, otherwise she could have come to see Knockout.”

Nightstalker’s spark gave an uneasy flip, her fear rising as she glanced down at her chest, could she be with child? If she was, she could not let Predaking know, he would no doubt inform Megatron of its existence and the little one would be dead within a week. Shockwave would of course have a rational explanation as to why she lost the little one.

She ignored the urge to growl; any noise she made would give her away and tip them off.

“… Soon enough. Either way, the situation is the same.”</i> Nightstalker could hear the annoyance in Megatron’s voice.

“Not if she believes she’s getting a standard medical check up before she learns of its existence.”

“Starscream’s statement is logical, my lord. Should Nightstalker believe she is getting a simple medical exam and Knockout was to find something odd-”

She did not want to hear anymore, she backed away from the locked med bay doors and quietly walked away. Once she rounded a corner, she bolted into a rub before stopping several minutes later as she had started to hyperventilate.

The Deceptions, not the Autobots were originally responsible the destruction of their race, because of Megatron the Predacons were on the verge of extinction and if they were to learn of the little one, they’d kill it without a second thought.

It took her several moments to calm down and compose herself; she could not tell Predaking what she had learned, not until she had ALL the facts. That would mean speaking to the Autobots… easier said then done….
TFP: Last of The Predacons ch. 16
Also known as Revelations.

Shit just got real...

Transformers (c) Hasbro

Everything else (c) :iconfunkymonkey19: and :iconshozurei:
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
After finishing his cube, Predaking headed towards the training room, he needed to rid the feeling of restlessness and a good workout seemed like a great idea. He would most likely destroy something but it would be worth it. Two Eradicons rushed past him to enter the training room, smoke billowed out as they opened the door.

“What in the world!” Predaking exclaimed.

Nightstalker stumbled out of the open door; she clung to the doorframe with one hand as she coughed.

“Nightstalker! Are you alright?” He asked, running over to her, concern in his voice.

“Oh, yeah, I’m fine,” She coughed. “Just went a little overboard the in the training room that’s all.”

Predaking blinked and raised an eyebrow. “A little overboard, what exactly is a little overboard?”

“I didn’t know how to work the controls for the holographic training dummies.”

“And you set something on fire.” Predaking guessed, trying not to laugh.

“It wasn’t intentional.”

It was hard for him to remain straight faced as he imagined what the situation must have been like.

“Well, aside from that little fiasco, I’m rather relaxed.”

“That’s good to hear,” He replied. “But I was hoping to work out some tension myself.

Nightstalker had a small mischievous grin on her face as she walked closer to him and reached up stroking his chest. “Perhaps we should do something about that then,”

“Yes, perhaps we should,” Purred Predaking. “Do you have something in mind?”

Her green eyes glinted as she playfully groped his panel. “Any ideas coming to mind?”

“A lot of ideas.” He growled lustfully, his yellow optics darkening with growing desire.

Nightstalker gave a startled shriek that turned into a laugh as Predaking picked her up and slung her over his shoulder before hauling ass towards his quarters where they would not come out for hours….

X   X    X

AMB (Autobot Mountain Base) – Dawn

Ratchet took a sip from his cube as he watched the computers for well… anything… Weeks had gone by since Smokescreen’s death and Wheeljack’s capture and the morale had slowly decreased, everyone was afraid that they would not find Wheeljack, not alive at least.

Optimus was doing his best to keep morale up for not only Arcee’s sake but for the others as well.

The blue two-wheeler was not taking the situation well, she had lost far too many people close to her and it was taking its toll. First Tailgate, then Cliffjumper and Smokescreen, and now maybe even Wheeljack.

Bulkhead was not fairing any better, Wheeljack had been his long time friend and with him gone, the base seemed empty and too quite even with Miko and the kids there.

A small steady beeping soon caught Ratchet’s attention as he dozed in his chair, he gave a small snort as he woke. His eyes narrowed before typing in a couple keys before his jaw dropped upon discovery.

“I brought you a fresh cube,” Ironhide announced as he walked in. “Anything new to report?”

He paused when he saw his mates’ stunned look. “What?”

“It’s Wheeljack’s life signal!”

Ironhide nearly dropped the cube. “Are you serious?”

“Look at the readings!”

Ironhide peered at the screen and his eyes widened before shouting. “Prime, we found him!”

Optimus’ head snapped up, eyes wide with shock and relief. “Ratchet, activate the ground bridge, now!” There was a sharp click as his battle mask snapped into place.

Ironhide hurried over to stand next to Prime, there was no way he was going to miss out on his rescue. Magnus clearly had the same idea as the Commander stood beside him a moment later, a determined look in his eyes.

The second the ground bridge opened, Optimus charged forward with Magnus and Ironhide at his heels, all had their weapons locked and loaded just incase it was a Decepticon trap.

X                                                               X                                                    X

Prime all but exploded from the portal, his weapons hot and ready to fire at anyone foolish enough to get in his way. As he stepped out of the portal, Ironhide emerged and scanned their surroundings for any sign of hostiles.

“No hostiles detected, Prime.” Ironhide said, trying not to sound disappointed.

Magnus looked around and paused when he realized where they were, he caught Optimus’ eyes, he knew it as well. This was where he and Wheeljack had fought Predaking, after they had killed the clones… innocent beings to save the humans of this planet, where he had lost his hand. He closed his eyes for a moment; he could still feel the heat from Wheeljack’s grenade and Predaking’s unbelieving expression as horrible realization dawned on him.

“What have you done to my brethren? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?”

His clawed hand twitched when he remembered the dragon's enraged roar as he attacked.

He pushed those memories aside before heading for the tunnel that he and Wheeljack had used to escape the coming explosion. He glanced at Optimus again; he could tell that the Prime was not looking forward to what could possibly be on the other side. He caught Optimus’ eye for a second and gave him a small nod. Optimus’ eyes darkened for a moment before moving on ahead.

They paused when the tunnel gave into an open area, one could not consider it an open area exactly, part of the laboratory had collapsed, there were rocks, and Primus knows what littering the floor.

“Someone really trashed this place.” Ironhide commented, glancing around at the ruined and scorched equipment.

Magnus’ spark twisted painfully in his chest but he remained silent as he gazed around at what he and Wheeljack had caused.

“It doesn’t matter, let’s find Wheeljack.” Optimus replied almost coldly.

Ironhide looked at his companions, wondering what had happened in this room. He guessed it must have been awful to upset the two of them.

Magnus continued to say nothing as he walked past Ironhide; he had no desire to stay here any longer then he had to.

With an inward shrug, Ironhide dismissed the matter from his mind before following the blue and white Commander.

Optimus paused for a moment when he came across some charred remains; he closed his optics and shook his head. Yes, they had been Predacons but they had still been innocent casualties, guiltless of any crimes.

“Primus…” Ironhide breathed, seeing the remains as well. The last time he had seen so many bodies had been during the worse and darkest part of the war on Cybertron.

A pained groan caught their attention, they quickly located the source and found a blood and grime covered mech resting against a burnt and mangled computer panel.

Optimus nearly fell to his knees in relief to see that he was alive. He wanted to approach him, but he feared that he would do more harm then good, he needed to get is roaring emotions under control first.

After getting a small nod from Prime, Ironhide cautiously approached the injured mech; he kept his guard up, knowing that if he approached too quickly the wounded party, regardless of the damage, would attack him.

Hearing footsteps approaching, Wheeljack reacted on pure instinct; he whipped out his now working blaster and pointed it at whoever was approaching. Thanks to his busted eye, he could not see properly and any unexpected noises made him edgy and trigger-happy.

“Easy soldier,” Ironhide said softly. “I’m not going to hurt you. My name is Ironhide, I am an Autobot, Optimus and Ultra Magnus are here as well. We’ve come to take you home.”

The weapon hovered for a moment before Wheeljack lowered his arm and gave a pained raspy chuckle. “Ironhide, huh? Last I heard you were dead, along with massive battalion of dead Cons.”  

Ironhide managed a small chuckle of his own. “Why, just because I was ambushed by a horde of Cons lead by Demolisher and all I had on me was a half depleted blaster? It’ll take more then some Decepticon punks to take me out.”

Wheeljack gave another pained chuckle and wiped blood from his lips. “Guess I shouldn’t listen to rumors.”

Finally getting control of his emotions, Optimus called for a bridge.

When the portal exploded into life, Ironhide gingerly picked up the Wrecker all the while being careful not to aggravate his wounds.

[Make sure the med bay is ready, Ratchet. He’s pretty banged up.]

[The med bays been ready for weeks.] Ratchet replied.

X  X  X

Ratchet put his emotions aside and let the medic side of him take over as Ironhide came in into the med bay with Wheeljack in his arms; the Wrecker had lost consciousness only moments ago. He would still sedate him, mainly to ease his pain and so he wouldn’t wake up while he was being repaired.

After laying Wheeljack down on the medical berth, Ironhide stepped back knowing better then to hover when Ratchet focused on a task. He left the med bay and noticed Optimus leaning against the wall, looking worried.

“You alright there, Prime?”

Optimus blinked and looked up. “I’m alright, Ironhide. I had just been informing Arcee that Wheeljack is back. However, she won’t come to the med bay until he’s out of danger.”

Ironhide raised an eyebrow as he quickly derived a conclusion. “Didn’t know you had a three way bond, when did that happen?”

Optimus managed a small smile despite the situation. “When Wheeljack first arrived on Earth, he started flirting with Arcee; he wasn’t at all deterred when he learned that she was already bonded to another.”

“Not even when he learned said bond mate was you?”

“In some ways, Wheeljack is like you. Only shorter” Prime stated.

Ironhide smirked. “I’ll take that as a complement then.”

“Yes, I figured you would,” Optimus chuckled. “Though the story of how our three way bond came to be is a rather long tale.”

“I’m not going any way and we’ve got nothing but time.”

X   X   X

Arcee couldn’t believe what had happened, the Cons had destroyed their base in Jasper and on top of that, she couldn’t feel Optimus’ presents over the bond! She didn’t know what that meant and she couldn’t wrap her head around it.

“How are you doing over there?” Wheeljack asked. “It’s starting to get dark, maybe we should find a truck stop to rest for tonight, and let junior here stretch his legs.”

He was referring to Jack who was currently dozing in the back seat; he had agreed to let the kid drive with him so Arcee could gather her thoughts in peace.

“We have to keep moving so the Cons don’t get a lock on us again.” Arcee replied, trying to hide how tired she was.

Wheeljack sighed and mentally rolled his optics. “Look, I didn’t want to say anything, but
I’m exhausted. I’d like to rest before I fall into stasis lock.” He lied to give her a way out that wouldn’t hurt her pride.

After a moment, Arcee huffed then replied, clearly annoyed. “Fine, but we’re not stay at a truck stop, it’s too open.”

“That’s fine, what would you suggest?”

Arcee said nothing but she soon drove off the main road and onto a dirt road, he followed suit, wondering where she was taking them. He soon got his answer when they arrived at the mouth of a cave.

“This works,” Wheeljack commented, turning off his engine then lightly nudged Jack with the passenger seat. “Up and at ‘em, kid.”

Jack mumbled something that Wheeljack didn’t catch but opened the car door when he unbuckled his seat belt and stepped out, letting the white mech to transform and stretch before following Arcee inside the cave.

Jack took out a flash light and turned it on, there was plenty of room for the three of them and if he listened hard enough he could hear the steady dripping of water. If he was lucky, he might be able to find an under ground spring and get something to drink.

“Sounds like there could be fresh water for ya, chief. Why don’t you go see if you can find it?” Wheeljack suggested.

“Stay close though.” Arcee added, giving Wheeljack a smoldering look over her shoulder.

“I will don’t worry, got my survival kit and everything.” Jack replied before heading deeper into the cave to explore.

Arcee lightly scratched the wall of the cave and checked the mineral deposit in her hand before stating. “The minerals in the rock should scramble our signal. I’ll take first watch.”

“Nah, I’m good,” Wheeljack commented. “I’ll take first watch.”

Arcee glared at him again before saying. “Do what you want.”
“Usually do.” He grinned.

She scoffed and rolled her eyes, she wasn’t in the mood for this.

Wheeljack’s gaze softened and he touched her shoulder. “Hey, we’ll get him back. Prime’s touch, he’ll be alright.”

“You don’t know that! The base was destroyed while he was still inside!” Arcee all but shouted.

“If he was dead, you would already have felt him pass.” He stated firmly.

“That’s the thing! I didn’t feel him pass, yet I can’t feel him over the bond and I don’t know why!”

“Maybe he’s unconscious or he found way to shield his signal so the Cons couldn’t find him and it’s blocking the bond as well.” Wheeljack offered.

“It doesn’t work that way! Even with his signal shielded I’d still be able to sense him!” She was close hysterics by this point.

Seeing how close Arcee was to completely losing it, Wheeljack did the only thing she could think of to snap her out of it. He grabbed her, pulled her close and kissed her.

Arcee froze from the kiss; she grabbed his arms but not to push him away more to steady herself before kissing him back.

Wheeljack could feel her starting to relax as he softened the kiss, making it gently and earning a soft mewl from her as her arms moved to rest behind his neck. He rested his back against the wall of the cave so he constraint on the kiss and the beautiful femme pressing against him.

Unable to help himself, he reached down and gently patted her pert aft.

She gave a muffled squeak and pulled away, giving a small panting smile, her cheeks flushed.

“Feeling any better, beautiful?” He asked.

She kissed him again, putting all her need and growing desire into it.

I’ll take that as a yes. He thought as his hands started to explore her lithe frame.

The kiss slowly became more heated and neither remembered how they ended up on the floor of the cave but nor did they care; they both needed and wanted this.

Pleasure shot through Arcee as Wheeljack surged into her, filling her completely, she didn’t remember removing her armor or even Wheeljack’s for that matter but here they were, naked and vulnerable as they made love, moaning and mewling in ecstasy, becoming lost in each other and not carrying about later consequences all that mattered was here and now…

X   X   X

“I never held it against either of them, I understand why it happened and it was Wheeljack who suggested a three way bond,” Optimus said. “Once Arcee and I renewed our bond of course.”

“I see, if I had done something like that, Ratchet would probably have throttled me.” Ironhide replied.

Optimus chuckled softly. “He would have done that, but he also would have understood why.”

The black plated Autobot smiled softly. “He would be furious for a time but he knows that my spark will always belong to him.”

Optimus’ optics twinkled but the sound of the med bay doors opening drew their attention as Ratchet stepped out. The Prime could tell just by looking at him, that Ratchet was exhausted.

“How is he?” Ironhide asked.

“He’s holding on, he’ll be blind in one eye though.”

Ironhide’s jaw clinched and he glanced at Optimus; the large Autobot had a distant look in his eyes. He was most likely reporting what Ratchet had just told them via the bond.

Ironhide walked closer to his mate, concern in his blue gaze. [How you holding up?]

[I’ll be all right, Ironhide.]
Ratchet replied with a small tired smile before resting his head on his mate’s shoulder and briefly closed his eyes.

[Do you want me to get you some energon?]

Ratchet smiled a little. [I would like that.]

Ironhide nuzzled him before heading off, leaving Optimus and Ratchet alone with each other, but that did not last long as Arcee soon joined them.

Optimus smiled tenderly at her before putting his arms around her. “He’s going to be fine.”

Arcee gently but firmly pushed him away then looked at Ratchet. “I want to see him.”

“He’s not ready for-“

“I want to see him.” Arcee repeated more firmly, optics flashing.

She looked ready to storm past him but Optimus cut in and asked calmly. “Will it be alright if we stay quiet?”

Ratchet paused, gave a quiet nod, and stepped aside.

“Thank you, Ratchet.” Optimus said before putting an arm around Arcee’s shoulders as they walked into the med bay together.

Arcee paused mid step when she caught sighed of Wheeljack’s prone form lying on the medical berth, her eyes darkened as thoughts of revenge crossed her mind. However, she pushed them away; she felt too emotionally drained for such thoughts right now.

Optimus frowned slightly when he saw his mate; Ratchet had done a great job cleaning him up, but with the blood and grime covering him, his wounds were clear to see. Most would heal, but the nasty one on the side of his face would forever leave him blind in that eye.

Arcee quietly walked over, pulled up a chair, and sat down beside the medical berth before gently laying her hand on Wheeljack’s almost lifeless one.

Optimus watched them for a moment before pulling up a chair and sitting next to the two-wheeler, he put an arm around her filling the bond with love and comfort as they sat there in their silent vigil… one supporting the other…
TFP: Last of the Predacons Ch. 15
'Sup bitches! lol.

Anyway, just a little info on the ending here, it didn't ended differently in the RP, there was a fight between Arcee and Optimus, but I took it out as it seemed inappropriate for the tender moment when they get Wheeljack back.

Transformers (c) Hasbro

Everything else (c) :iconfunkymonkey19: and :iconshozurei:
Nothing to serious, the story line itself will remain the same with a few tweaks. I'll be changing a few warrior names but only those who were warriors in the allegiances, I might even add a few more names to clans lacking warriors.


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