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The kitchen soon fell into a long uncomfortable silence, which Master Splinter broke.

“When all of you have finished eating, come to the dojo” He said then looked at Roxanne. “I wish to observe your Gymnastic skills.”

“Um, ok.” Roxanne said uncertainly.

Chester looked at Splinter and chittered hotly. All Splinter did was raise an eyebrow before leaving the kitchen.

Roxanne glanced at April, who shrugged not quite understanding Chester’s reaction either.

Donnie, on the other hand found Chester’s protectiveness over Roxanne to be rather intriguing.

“Is he always this protective of you?” Donnie asked, once Chester calmed down.

“He’s normally more laid back.” Roxanne replied, stroking Chester between the ears.

“Hmm he seems to be slightly aggressive only towards Master Splinter.”

Roxanne raised an eyebrow and for a moment, she looked just like Splinter. “Slightly? That’s a bit of an understatement don’t you think?”

“Maybe Chester sees Splinter as a rival?” Mikey suggested.

Everyone looked at Mikey as though he had just grown a second head.

“What? Chester’s a rat and so is Master Splinter, it kind of makes sense.”

“True,” Donnie put in. “Expect rats aren’t territorially aggressive like cats tend to be.”

“Maybe it’s not ‘territory’ he’s defending.”

Roxanne’s ears went back and she stopped messing around with her phone when she understood what Mike was getting at.

“Ok, that’s just gross, Mikey.” Raph stated.

Mikey just shrugged.

April looked just as grossed out as Roxanne did.

“Seriously, Mikey, one of these days I need to give you a CAT scans or an MRI,” Donnie said, shaking his head. “Just to see what is wrong with that head of yours.”

“You call what Mikey has a mind?”

Roxanne glared at him.

“What did I do?” He demanded.

She continued to glare at him, looking hauntingly like Master Splinter.

“Mike’s being gross and yet, I’m the bad guy in this situation.”

“It’s what you said that was rude; it was how you said it.”

Raph grumbled under his breath and crossed his arms.

“Guys, Splinter is waiting in the dojo.” Leo announced as he entered the kitchen.

“Anything to get out of here.” Raph muttered before leaving.

Leo looked continued. “Did I miss something?”

“Just Mikey being Mikey,” Donnie replied with a small wave of his hand.

“If you say so.” Leo said before getting a drink of water.
Roxanne was exactly looking forward to what she was going to do in the dojo as she followed the turtles and April out of the kitchen.

When they entered the dojo, Splinter looked at Roxanne. “Roxanne, would you honor us with a small demonstration of your acrobatic abilities?”

“Uh, s-sure, ok.”

Chester squeaked when Roxanne removed him from her shoulder then gave him for April to hold.

Roxanne processed to remove the kimono so she was now only wearing a white tank top and basketball shorts. Once she had folded it into a neat little square, she took her surroundings to make sure she wouldn’t end up crashing into the tree or one of the walls.

Nothing flashy and don’t do that pointless ta-da thing at the end. She told herself.

The others backed up to give her plenty of room.

Heating pounding, Roxanne glanced at Splinter who gave her a small nod while April gave her a thumbs up.

Don’t mess up, don’t mess up. She told herself before going for it.

The others watched as Roxanne ran a short distance, performed three flips and on her third, managed a twist/spin maneuver. She stumbled a little as she landed back on her feet.

“Ok, that that was impressive.” Raph admitted.

“I have to admit, I haven’t done that in a while.” Roxanne panted as she put the kimono back with a little help from April.

“You have potential.” Splinter stated stroking his long beard.

“Thank you?”

“With some proper training you’ll be a great ninja.” Donnie stated.

Roxanne looked genuinely surprised by Donnie statement.

“Splinter has been training me,” April told her. “It’s tough but fun.”

She looked at Splinter. “May I think about it?”

“Of course.” Splinter said with a small dip of his head then turned his attention to his sons, who quickly paired off and started training.

April and Roxanne sat beside Splinter and watched.

Raph and Leo were sparing with each other while Mikey and Donnie practiced their aim with the Shuriken.

Roxanne had to admit their skills were impressive and if she were to take up Splinter’s offer, she had a long way to go before she stood a chance against them.

Within 45 minutes, the training became a free for all and it wasn’t long before they were in a turtle dog pile.

Splinter shook his head and called an end to the training and the boys quickly lined up while the girls tried no to giggle.

“Despite what just happened your skills are improving, as are your skills as a team.” Splinter stated.

“Yes, Sensei.” The turtles said in unison.

Pleased, Splinter nodded once before dismissing them then turned his attention back to the girls who managed to get a hold of themselves. “April, Roxanne. I wish to speak with the two of you.”

April couldn’t help wondering what Splinter wanted to talk to them about, while Leo shared a look with his brothers also wondering what their Sensei wanted with the girls.

Once the boys left, Splinter spoke to Roxanne and April. “I know you haven’t made up your mind yet, Roxanne. But I wish to see how you can handle yourself, a test if you will.”

Roxanne looked uncertain. “What kind of test?”

“Go on patrol with the boys and see if you can keep up with them.” Splinter replied.

“That sounds fun,” April beamed. “I’ve never gone.”

“Actually, April. This test is for Roxanne alone. You still need to train.”

The red head nodded, not at all surprised.

“So when does this test start?” Roxanne asked, trying not to sound nervous.

“The boys normally leave the lair around nine.” Splinter replied.

Great, that’s like five minutes from now. Roxanne thought with a mental roll of her eyes.

“Be careful out there.” April said with a small smile.

“I’ll do my best.” Roxanne replied, already feeling nervous.

Splinter’s ear twitched and he shook his head with a sigh he wasn’t surprised though.

“I know your listening, boys.”

The door to the dojo slid open and four heads popped in, each looking sheepish and guilty.

Roxanne blinked in surprise, she hadn’t even realized that they had been listening; she clearly had a lot to learn.

“This is going to be fun!” Mikey exclaimed excitedly.

“The four of you are to keep Roxanne out of danger.” Splinter started.

Wait… what?!

“What kind of danger?” She asked, heart pounding.

“The Foot and Kraang kind.”

“The Foot are evil ninjas and the Kraang are brain looking aliens with horrible grammar.” Donnie put in when he saw Roxanne’s perplexed look.

“Peachy.” She said dryly.

“I’ll watch Chester while you’re gone.” April offered.

Chester squeaked in protest as Roxanne handed him to April.

“It’s alright, Chess, I’ll be back soon.” Roxanne said, giving him a small stroke between the ears before walking over to the four waiting turtles.

X                                                               X                                                   X

Once on the surface, they small group climbed the fire escape to get onto the roof, Roxanne had to admit the view was amazing and the cool air felt so good against her face. She smiled a little when she spotted the corner of her house and briefly wondered if her dad was ok. She inwardly sighed before following the turtles in the opposite direction; maybe she could sneak off without the guys noticing and see if her dad was home yet.

That might be a bad idea. I mean, they managed to eavesdrop on Splinter without me noticing, I’m positive they could follow me and I wouldn’t even be aware of it. I’m… sure dad’s fine.

X                                                                X                                                     X

The patrol was uneventful for the first two hours and Roxanne even managed to keep up with the guys, though at two hours and forty-five minutes she hurled behind a steaming exhaust vent.

“Hey, you alright?” Raph asked as he walked over.

“Yeah,” Roxanne panted. “I’m a bit out of shape; it’s been a while since I’ve done anything that strenuous. I’m good though.”

Raph wanted to disagree, he wanted to tell her that she was n great shape and that he was impressed that she managed to keep with up with them for this long, but he stopped himself.

“Ugh, I think she just through up a shoe.” Mikey stated when she hurled again.

Raph glared at him and rubbed Roxanne’s back.

“Alright, I’m good. Let’s go.” Roxanne said a moment or two later.

They continued for another hour before they spotted trouble. Trouble called Fishface and Dogpound.

“Keep moving you overgrown guppy!” Dogpound growled. “We need to get these parts back to Shredder and fast.”

“Easy for you to say,” Fishface replied with a growl of his own. “My strength has limits.”

Dogpound smirked. “Your words, sushi boy.”

Fishface growled in annoyance.

“So… what do you think they’re doing?” Mikey asked.

“It would appear that they’re stealing equipment.” Donnie stated.

“What for though?”

“Don’t know and I don’t care.” Raph growled ready for action.

“What ever the reason we need to stop them,” Leo said then looked at Roxanne. “Stay here and out of sight.”

Roxanne nodded quietly; she was content with just watching.

Getting impatient, Raph leaped over the edge and plowed into a Foot robot, easily taking it out.

Leo shook his head before following after his hotheaded brother, the other two soon followed.

Dogpound snarled. “It’s those blasted turtles! Get them!”

Fishface was all too happy to drop the supplies and join the fray, taking out his large butterfly knife.

“Dibs on the walking sushi roll!” Raph shouted.

“I have a name, boy!” Fishface snarled.

“Yeah, Raph! His name is Fishface!” Mikey put in.

“My name is Xever!”

“Nope, I’m pretty sure it’s Fishface.” Mikey replied dodging an attack.

Fishface hissed in anger and continued to attack.

While Raph and Mikey dealt with Fishface, Leo and Donnie fought with Dogpound.

Roxanne’s jaw dropped as she watched them fight Fishface and Dogpound, she secretly wished that she had a camera, this was awesome!

Dogpound managed to grab Donnie’s foot and slam him into a near by wall.
Roxanne flinched at the sound of Donnie hitting the wall and wince at a loud crack!

Dogpound just grinned.

Leo gave a battle cry before attacking the large mutant bipedal dog, the mutant dodged his attacks and he just barely missed a swipe from Dogpound’s bond clawed hand.
“Hold still so I can de-shell you!”

“Yeah, like that’s going to happen.” Roxanne said a little too loudly.

“Who said that?!”

“Oh crap!” Dogpound had heard her!

Dogpound’s eyes narrowed and he growled when he spotted her.

Leo looked up as well and his blue eyes widened. “Roxanne, run!”

With a snarl, Dogpound bashed Leo aside, jumped onto the fire escape, and started climbing.

Roxanne’s eyes widened at the sudden and crazy turn of events, she started backing away and padding herself down, looking for something.

“Don’t just sit there, Leo! Stop him!” Raph shouted, still fighting Fishface.

Leo quickly got to his feet and launched himself at Dogpound who quickly proceeded to kick at him. He managed to avoid getting kick as he climbed after him.

Donnie hurried to help his brother when a ninja-bot stopped him before he could get close.

“This isn’t good.” He mused as he defended himself from robot’s attacks.

With a yell, Leo latched onto Dogpound’s tail and used his boney back to climb; trying to reach his face, but lost his grip as two Ninja-bots attacked him. As he hit the ground, he saw that the huge mutant dog had reached the roof of the building.

“So the turtles have a new playmate,” Dogpound growled. “I’m going to turn you into a chew toy.”

Roxanne’s heart leaped to her throat as she heard him, she cursed softly. Where was it?!

Having taken care of the reaming robotic ninjas, Donnie hurried up the fire escape then smacked Dogpound in the side with his Bo staff. It only served to enrage the bipedal dog, earning his a savage backhand.

“Hey, Dogpound!” Roxanne shouted then fired mace at him when he turned his attention back to her.

Dogpound yelped then howled in agony, covering his face with both hands. He staggered around and lashed out blindly.

Leo was on the roof by this time and waited for just the right moment before launching himself into the air and kicked the huge dog in the back, avoided a strike from his bone hand before finally kicking him off the roof.

Donnie reached out and grabbed Leo’s hand before he could go over with him.

“Thanks, Don.” Leo said.

“No problem. Roxanne, you ok?”

She gave them a panting thumbs up.

“We’d better go help Raph and Mikey with the rest.”

“There’s no need, they ran off when Dogpound fell from the roof, which was totally awesome to watch.” Mikey grinned.

“I didn’t think it was possible for Fishface to run off with his tail between his legs.” Raph smirked.

“By the way, what happened up there? I’ve heard Dogpound yelp before but the sound he made was nothing I ever heard.” Mike asked.

“Roxanne maced Dogpound in the face.”

Mike’s jaw dropped. “No way!”

“Right in the eyes, it was awesome!”

“Once more, I am impressed.” Raph stated.

Roxanne smiled a little, feeling herself blush and once more forgetting she had fur to hide said blush.

“I can hear sirens, we better head out.” Leo announced.

X                                                X                                               X

“So are we going to continue the patrol or head back to the lair?” Roxanne asked once they had a few blocks between them and the sounds of sirens.

“I think we’ve had enough excitement for one night.” Donnie replied.

“Considering what we’ve seen and been through tonight was pretty tame.” Mike grinned.

Roxanne raised an eyebrow and chuckled. “If this is a quite night, I do not want to know what a crazy night looks like.”

“We don’t like them much either.” Donnie commented.

“Hey, remember Dr. Falco? I gotta admit fighting him was kinda crazy.” Mike put in.

“No kidding. That guy was totally nuts.” Raph said.

Roxanne’s jaw clinched, her ears going back as she slow down a little so they were ahead of her, she wasn’t going to listen to them trash talk her father. None of what they were saying about him was true; sure, he could be egoistical about some things but he was not crazy!

“Let’s head back home.” Donnie finally said.

“Aw, what about the noodle shop?” Mikey all but whined.

“Fine, we’ll stop and get you some food, you glutton.” Raph huffed.

Despite her annoyance with them trash talking her father, she couldn’t help but chuckle at the boyish grin on Mikey’s face.

X                                                            X                                                            X

With a massive belch, Mike plopped down on his beanbag, once more grossing out Raph while Leo started reading his comics and Donnie headed to his lab. Roxanna sat down next to Raph as he started channel surfing.

“Hey, where’s April?” She asked lightly stroking Chester between the ears as he munched on a leaf with Spike.

“Probably training with Splinter.” Leo said without looking up from his comic.

“She’s been training for a while now.” Raph put in.

“It won’t long until she can hold her own against us that would be awesome.” Mikey grinned.

“Against you, perhaps.” Raph teased.

“There’s something I’d like to see.” Roxanne chuckled.

“Yeah, she’s getting really good. Hey! You should start training with her, you’d be awesome!” Mikey exclaimed.

Leo and Raph nodded in agreement.

Roxanne shrugged. “Alright, this should be fun.”

“Sweet! Another female ninja!” Mikey cheered before taking a lap from run end of the room to the other, ignoring Raph’s comment about him being far too excited.

“We should probably head to the dojo to train.” Leo said as he closed his comic.

“We just got back from a fight; do we really need to train right now?” Raph huffed.

“A fight?” Splinter echoed as he and April walk into the living room. “What kind of fight?”

“We ran into Dogpound and Fishface.” Leo told him.

“Yeah, and Roxanne totally maced Dogpound right in the face!” Mikey grinned.

“I told you to keep her out of harms way, not let her fight.” Splinter replied disappointed.

“We left her on the roof but Dogpound spotted her and went after her.” Leo said trying not to sound defensive.

“Besides, she was able to defend herself pretty well,” Raph added. “She pepper sprayed hum right in the face.”

Splinter was silent as he listened to his sons, he glanced at Roxanne; she appeared unharmed though a little shaken up.

“We left and came here the second we heard police sirens.” Leo finished.

Splinter stroked his beard thoughtfully for one long moment. “I see. All that side, how did she fare beforehand?”

“She kept pace with us.” Leo answered.

“She did kind of hurl two and a half hours in.” Mikey put in. “Oh! And she also wants to be a ninja.”

“Really?” April asked, clearly excited.

“Yeah, I mean, I can’t go around pepper spraying bad guys.” Roxanne replied.

“Why not?” Mikey laughed. “That would awesome! You’d be The Pepper Spray Ninja.”

“Lame.” Raph muttered.

Leo elbowed him in the side.

“I’m afraid that won’t be possible, Mike. I used the last of the spray on Dogpound.”

“Once you’re far enough along in your training, you can pick out a weapon.” Leo told her.

Roxanne’s ears pricked forward in interest.

“Only when she is ready.” Splinter put in.

“Of course, Sensei.”

Mikey could barely hold still, no doubt watching to watch TV or hide in his room.

I need a shower. Roxanne thought after giving her armpit a quick sniff while no one was watching.

Raph spotted Chester lying on top of Spike’s shell; his pet turtle didn’t seem to mind.

Mikey took off to his room, while Leo pointed Roxanne in the direction of their makeshift shower when she asked.

Mikey emerged from his room a moment or two later, looking suspiciously calm.

Raph looked over at him in suspicion before scooping up Spike and Chester. All Chester did was open one eye and look at him before closing it, whiskers twitching. He carried them into his set and set them down on Spike’s pillow.

The blue gray rat opened his eyes and lifted his head to look around at his new surrounding, whiskers twitching as he scented the air.

Raph set out a water bowl for Spike and Chester before flopping down on his own bed and started reading.

A couple minutes later, Mikey’s battle cry rang out, followed shortly by Leo shouting his name.

I knew he was up to something. Raph thought as he continued reading.

There was a long moment of silence before Mikey shouted.

“Oh, my god!”

Raph paused and looked towards his door. Whatever it is, I don’t want to know.

“What is it, Mikey?” Donnie asked, poking his head out of his lab.

“I just saw Roxanne naked!”
TMNT: Transformation ch. 5
Sorry it took so long to update, I've been reading a lot lately and it cuts into my writing, but no worries!

TMNT (c) nickelodeon

Everything else (c) :iconfunkymonkey19: and :iconshozurei:
A yellow light filled a nesting cave as a lithe blue dragon with pink fringes on the sides of her face bathed an egg with her fire. She continued to do so for another few heartbeats before closing her jaws and cutting off the stream.

Her blue eyes gazed fondly at the egg before gently nosing it to check the warmth despite having just bathed it flames. She smiled at the heat the egg gave off; it was perfect.

“How is our egg?” A deep soothing voice asked.

The female dragon looked over her shoulder and smiled as she saw her mate; a large and handsome red and blue Autodragon.

“I just bathed it with fire; our hatchling should arrive any day now.”

Her mate’s eyes twinkled at the thought of seeing his hatchling for the first time. He then drew abreast of his mate before speaking again.

“Have you thought of a name for our little one?”

“I have,” She gave a growling purr when he nuzzled her. “If the hatchling is male, he will be named Silverus.”

“And if the hatchling is female?”


Optimus smiled before giving her cheek a lick. “A beautiful name, Arcee.”

Arcee smiled. “I thought so as well.”

She watched as he approached the nest and nosed the egg like she had done only moments ago. After a moment, she sighed and rested her head on his shoulder.

“Must you leave today? The Rogues are growing bolder.”

Optimus lifted his head and looked at his mate, eyes softening. “I must, my love. The Winter months are on their way, and the clan will need fresh meat for when winter is at its harshest.”

“Then have someone else lead the Hunting Party. The clan has already lost three eggs because of them.”

Optimus was silent for a moment; he could still remember the keening cry of an Autodragon upon discovering the shattered remains of their eggs. He gave himself a mental shake of his head before the memory of Sunstreaker and Sideswipe helping their mate; Preceptor bury the remains of their barely formed hatchlings because of a raid two months ago.

“I am only taking a small Hunting Party with me, that way the strength of the Clan isn’t weakened while I’m gone.”

Arcee closed her eyes and sighed. “Very well, just be safe.”

“I will.”

Optimus gave her another lick on the cheek before leaving their cave; he stood at the entrance then looked over his shoulder and watched as Arcee nuzzled the egg again before following him out. He sent a silent prayer to Primus asking that nothing horrific happen, while he was away on the hunting trip.

X                                                         X                                                             X

Arcee watched as Optimus and three others leave the clearing and vanish from sight, she hated feeling this way, but the raids had made her uneasy and feared that with Optimus gone would only embolden the rogues even more. She looked around and saw that everyone was just as uneasy as she was especially those who were expecting. She spotted Preceptor curled up on the Sunning Rocks; sympathy gripped her heart for the red and gray dragon as he was still mourning the loss of his first litter. It would take him a while to recover from the loss as he had been so excited to be a mother and only a heartless rogue could only be so cruel to rip that away from him.

Her eyes flickered to Bumblebee and Smokescreen, the only two from her first litter that hatched. The third egg had been a dud and that is just as painful as losing the hatchling before it even has a chance to hatch.

Bumblebee saw that his mother was looking at him; he smiled and trotted over to her, his brother right behind him.

Arcee nuzzled both in turn, giving off a growling purr. She had fought for them to survive their first year and she vowed she would do the same for her third child.

“When will the egg hatch?” Bumblebee asked as he sat down on her left side whole Smokescreen took her right.

“Any day now,” She replied. “The egg’s movements have been growing for frequent these past few days.”

“I can’t wait to meet our little brother or sister.” Smokescreen grinned, Bee shared in his littermate’s excitement.

Arcee smiled softly, ever proud of her sons, one even had the makings of a great leader but only time would be able to prove her right.

“Uh-oh, here comes Magnus. We better go before he has us clean out the nursery or the Elder’s Cave again.” Smokescreen said before slinking off with Bumblebee.

She chuckled and watched them leave before turning her attention to the approaching blue and white male.

“Ultra Magnus.” She greeted with a small nod of her head.

“Arcee.” He replied with a small nod of his own before he sat down beside her. “I see Optimus has left with the Hunting Party.”

“The Clan will need the meat for the Winter Months.” She replied.

“I know, but why couldn’t he have sent someone else to lead the Party? His absence will only embolden the Rogues.”

Arcee’s heart skipped a beat as she had the same revelation earlier, but she swallowed her nervousness and said. “He took Mirage, Cliffjumper, and Hound with him, taking only three will keep the Clan’s strength up while he is away.”

Magnus heaved a small sigh in reply.

Arcee looked at him, she could see so much of Optimus in him, he was, after all her mate’s older brother and served as his second as Prowl was at the moment carrying Jazz’s brood, he wouldn’t birth the eggs for another month.

“How’s Firefly holding up?” She asked.

Magnus paused for a moment before speaking, a hint of pride in his voice. “She’s as stubborn as ever but just as excited as I am. She should birth the eggs she is carrying in the next few days.”

Arcee couldn’t help but feel happy for him, she still found it odd that they would end up together they were so different.

You two are perfect for each other. I mean, she’s tons of fun and you’re not fun at all, she completes you. Sideswipe had stated before taking off to avoid Magnus’ paw.

“You’ll be a great father, Magnus.” Arcee told him.

Magnus looked at her and smiled a little. “Thank you, Arcee.”

“Any-” She paused when the scent of fresh blood filled her nostrils; Magnus caught the same scent as he was on his paws in a matter of seconds, his teeth bared in a silent growl.

Half a heartbeat later, a light blue dragon with black paws and two black streaks running down his sides stumbled into the clearing; his shoulders and flanks bore wounds from a quite recent battle.


Bumblebee shouted before running over to his friend.

Magnus made his way to the front of the group. “Blurr, what happened?”

It took the smaller dragon several heartbeats to speak, but when he did caused dread to fill Arcee’s heart.

“Rogues… attacked the patrol, they killed… Tracks. Drift, Thade, and Crosshairs held them off… giving me time to warn you.”

“Get the hatchlings and those carrying into the nursery! We don’t have much time!” Magnus ordered. “Smokescreen, help Blurr into the Healer’s Cave, Ratchet will see to his wounds. Bumblebee, guard the entrance to the nursery with Jazz and Quarry.”

“You can count on me, Magnus!” Bumblebee shouted as he helped Autodragons into the cave.

“Arcee, hide your egg. It’s the only one we have until Prowl and Firefly laid theirs,” Magnus informed her then spotted a gold and silver female, helping Smokescreen with Blurr. “Quicksilver! You’re just as fast as your brother, find the Hunting Party!”

“At once, Ultra Magnus!” She replied then took off like a bolt of silver lightening after saying good-bye to Blurr.

“Even if she finds them, they could be at the far end of the territory by now. They won’t make it in time.” Arcee stated.

“We’ll hold these bastards off as long as we can,” Magnus growled. “Go to your cave and hide your egg!”

Arcee nodded before bolting into the cave with the others, sending up a silent prayer for strength.

Magnus watched her go before turning to face the entrance of the Camp, his teeth bared and eyes blazing as Ironhide, Bulkhead, Wheeljack, Sunstreaker and several others stood beside him. They would not lose another egg or hatchling to these honor-less monsters, they would stand their ground and hold them off until they retreated or until Optimus returned.

X                                                             X                                                      X

Magnus’ battle cry echoed through out the tunnel as Arcee made to her cave, she spotted the egg in the nest right where she had left it. As she approached, she failed to notice a hairline crack on the egg’s surface.

She gave the egg a quick sniff, it was still warm from earlier but it would need another douse of flames soon, she couldn’t do it now, there wasn’t enough time. Pushing down her panic, she looked around the cave for possible hiding places for the egg, her heart leaped when she spotted a deep notch near the back where a cluster of rocks nestled against the wall, she could use the rocks to hide the egg.

Running back to the nest, she carefully picked up the egg with her jaws and carried it over to the cluster of rocks, hopefully the rocks would disguise the egg and deter any Rogue from looking for it.

Satisfied, at least for the time being, Arcee turned away from the egg and face the entrance of the cave, ready to face any Rogue that managed to make it past Magnus and the others.

Her tail lashed the air as she heard unfamiliar foot falls several heartbeats later, despite the slight echo, Arcee knew that there was only one Rogue and he was heading her way.

Let him come, I’ll make him regret the day he hatched. She thought with a quiet snarl.

X                                                        X                                               X

Optimus paused in his tracks and looked around through slightly narrowed eyes, he was sure he heard something but he wasn’t quite sure what it was.

“Something wrong, Optimus?” Cliffjumper asked.

Optimus looked at the red stocky dragon. “Nothing that comes to mind, but… something feels… off.”

“I agree,” Mirage put in. “The forest is too quiet.”

“Think we should head back?” Hound asked.

“I don’t think that will be necessary, Hound. We should continue hunting.”

Cliffjumper gave an undignified yelp as something collided into him from the side and sending him sprawling into the roots of a near by tree.

Hound and Mirage nearly launched themselves at the intruder when Optimus told them to stand down, as he was the first to realize that, the dragon was Quicksilver.

“Silver, what are-“ Optimus started but Quicksilver cut him off.

“Rogues have attacked the camp!”

X                                                        X                                                 X

Arcee grunted as the Rogue tossed her to the ground, she rolled away from him and quickly got to her paws before he could pounce. Snarling, she launched herself at him, sinking her claws into his shoulders, her teeth going for his throat but he easily pushed her off him with his rear paws, sending her tumbled to the ground, her head hitting the ground hard leaving her dazed.

“Now stay there while I find and destroy your hatchling.” He growled, he knew she had hidden the egg, seeing how in their fight, they had destroyed the nest.

Her eyes widened when she saw him going for the eggs hiding place, with a snarl she forced herself to her paws, sank her claws into his flanks, and dragged him away from his destination. She jumped back moments before he lashed out at her, she whirled around and smacked him in the face with her tail, stunning him.

Leaving him there, she ran over to the egg’s hiding spot, her heart skipped a beat when a piece of the egg gave way and feel, and her blue eyes locked with the sapphire blue eye if her hatchling.

As she stood there transfixed on the egg and the gift inside, she was completely unaware that the rogue had recovered from her smack and was now stalking towards her, hell bent on killing her and the hatchling. He took two long strides before launching himself at the female Autodragon.

X                                                  X                                                  X

Optimus all but exploded into camp, ready to rip apart any rogues still alive, his blood lust faded when he saw the bodies of the rogues scattered across camp. He spotted Ratchet tending to Ultra Magnus, his older brother bore a nasty gash on his right side, but he looked no worse for ware, as did the others. He looked behind him as the Hunting Party and Quicksilver emerged from the undergrowth and stood beside him.

Magnus quickly spotted Optimus and much to the displeasure of Ratchet, limped over to him.

“Thank Primus, Quicksilver found you in time. We held them off as long as we could, though I don’t regret killing these monstrous Egg Breakers.”

“Optimus!” Quicksilver called as she ran out of Healer’s Cave. “Blurr said that he saw three Rogues slip inside cave!”

Optimus’ heart nearly stopped and without saying a word, bolted for the cave. The Nursery was closer, so he had to check there first.

Blood quickly filled his nostrils as he drew closer to the nursery and within several heartbeats; he spotted two bodies with Bumblebee and Sunstreaker standing over them.

“Dad!” Bee cried as he spotted his father. “You have to get to mom! A rogue slipped by while we were fighting these two! I heard fighting in that direction, it stopped a while ago.”

Dread filled Optimus’ heart, praying that Arcee and their hatchling were ok. “Stay here, Bumblebee.”

Bee nodded, his bright blue eyes filled with worry for his mother and his little brother or sister.

X                                                     X                                               X

The scent of blood was even stronger now as he neared their cave. He paused just before reaching the opening.

Please. Let them be ok.

He swallowed his growing dread before stepping inside, his mouth fell agape as he saw the stated of the cave, the nest torn to shreds, and blood splattered the floor along with bits of scales.

He spotted the body of the rogue, his eyes narrowed as he trotted over to it, he rolled it over with a paw and saw that its throat had torn out with claws. He gave a soft growl of satisfaction before spotting Arcee lying on her side and his heart nearly stopped, claws marks covered her shoulders and flanks, though none appeared fatal.

“Arcee!” He cried as ran over to her.

She opened a blue eyes and it softened when she spotted his worried visage. “You came.”

The large dragon managed a small smile then nuzzled her, purring softly. “Arcee. Is the egg… safe?”

She smiled again and unfurled a wing, revealing a blue and pink hatchling curled up against her side.

Optimus’ rear legs gave out on him, forcing him to sit down as he gazed at the hatchling, it was the spitting image of Arcee only with slightly bigger paws.

“She’s beautiful,” He breathed. “When did she hatch?”

“During the fight, seeing her look back at me with a single blue eye caused me to drop my guard.”

“It doesn’t matter now; you and our hatchling are safe.” He nuzzled her again with a soft growling purr.

The noise caused the hatchling to stir and open her sapphire blue eyes and look up at her father with a curious expression.

Optimus smiled once more and lowered his head to touch noses with his daughter for the first time. His eyes softened and heart melted when she licked his nose.

“Hello, Tieria. It’s so great to finally meet you.”
Art/Fanfic trade
This is my half of a Art-Fanfic trade I'm doing with :icontieriaprime:

Transformers (c) Hasbro

Tieria (c) :icontieriaprime:

Everything else (c) :iconfunkymonkey19: 
Sagaris by FunkyMonkey19
I love this game! You can play as a Qunari!! Anyway, I have two versions of this guy.

Inquisitor Sagaris is a Mage.

The other version is Inquisitor Makeva's adopted brother, he'll show up in my fanfic that I'm working on. Like Makeva, this was taken on my phone, and yes, he does have horns. His face took up most of the screen so I couldn't get a good shot of those bad boys on his head.

I won't write a fanfic about Inquisitor Sagaris, I will however do a few one shots.

All things Dragon Age (c) Bioware

Sagaris (c) :iconfunkymonkey19:
Makeva, my Inquisitor by FunkyMonkey19
Makeva, my Inquisitor
This is Makeva my female human rogue whose banging Iron Bull. ^_^ I apologize if the quality is crappy, I took this picture with my phone. Will be writing a fanfic about her.

Dragon Age (c) Bioware

Makeva (c) :iconfunkymonkey19:
Nothing to serious, the story line itself will remain the same with a few tweaks. I'll be changing a few warrior names but only those who were warriors in the allegiances, I might even add a few more names to clans lacking warriors.


FunkyMonkey19 has started a donation pool!
81 / 900
5 to 10 :points: you get a llama. If I have given you a llama in the past, then I will comment and fave your art work.

10 to 15 :points: one of your OC's Autobot, Decepticon, or neutral gets to make a cameo appearance in my fanfic Dragonformers!

Or if you cannot spare the :points: you may submit a picture of your favorite scene from this fanfic or the Fanfics that I've written.

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